A Return to My “Home” Park

On Memorial Day 2013 I had nothing to do with a PA State Park close by still on my list.  Having been there many times before, I decided to drive there on an unfamiliar route and along the way snapped some wonderful photos of a red fox and found Easy Street.  Mt Pisgah State Park opened in the late 1970’s and became the state park closest to my childhood home.  My father brought us here in 1979 for a day outing but I cannot orient myself using the photos taken more than thirty years ago.  On this day the weather was nice but I could not help but wish I were in a park with NO cell phone service as I listened to a woman having a very loud and obnoxious argument on the other end of her phone.  There were a lot of people enjoying the park and once the woman left, I enjoyed the peace and serenity.  I have kayaked on Stephen Foster Lake before and on this day there were a number of anglers in boats on the water.  I stayed until sunset and returned home with forty-two parks checked off.

a_FOX EASY STREETa_MtPisgah a_MtPisgah2 a_MtPisgah3 a_MtPisgah4 a_MtPisgah5 a_MtPisgah6 a_MtPisgah7


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