One Park, One Day

Life has a way of changing and in April of 2012 I received a phone call that turned into a full time job.  I had not worked full time in almost ten years and was certainly ready to get back but had not been able to find anything suitable & full time.  Working comes with its pros (income) and cons (loss of personal time) and I had a difficult time achieving a good balance for a while.  For this reason I did not do any multi-park tours in 2012.

In early August I invited my friend Diane to visit a park below the Binghamton area and not a long drive from home.  We visited Salt Springs State Park and spent the hot summer day hiking and otherwise investigating the park.  The park is adjacent to 300 acres owned by the Friends of Salt Springs State Park who operate the camp ground & cabins and a small museum and gift shop in the historic house on the property.

Upon arriving at the park it was clear that a wedding was about to start, making this the second state park wedding I have seen (and both with Diane.) The wedding party had photos taken in the stream, creating a lovely backdrop.

Hiking the stream proved to be a bit more difficult than we were up for but we walked along a lovely trail that included some boardwalk through forest and found Penny Rock which is really cool but neither of us had any pennies.

And in case you are wondering: Yes, there is a spring that bubbles salt water at the park, I tasted it just to be sure!  This day we watched while a man performed an experiment for his young son by capturing & igniting the methane that bubbles out of the salt spring – taking the opportunity to learn from nature – VERY cool! The history of the spring is also very interesting but you’ll have to visit the park (or DCNR web site) to learn more.

Salt Springs 2012-08-04 a_SaltSPring2 a_SaltSpring3 a_SaltSpring4 IMG_0345 IMG_0353 Modified


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