Tour #4 – Repeats And Further

In mid-July 2011 I planned a tour with my friend, Diane, which included an overnight stay at one park with pet camping as she wanted to bring along her dog.  This was the first tour I planned where I was not the driver so I looked forward to being able to really enjoy the scenery for the entire trip!

After loading Diane’s Rav4 the evening before, we headed out early in the morning with our first stop being Ole Bull State Park once again so I could get the photo.  From Ole Bull we headed south to Kettle Creek State Park, NOT missing the turn this time!  We did not spend any time in either park as I had already visited both on Tour #1 with Matt.  After leaving Kettle Creek we stopped at the Sproul State Forest office to snap a photo and then I felt like I was on a new adventure with only new parks and forests ahead.

Hyner Run State Park was the next stop on our tour.  We drove through the camp ground and stopped in the picnic area to eat lunch and walk the dog.  Hyner Run has a swimming pool and there were a lot of folks using the swimming area on this warm day.  Just above Hyner Run is Hyner View State Park, a must-see park in the system.  I had been told about this park a few years ago by a woman who rides a Harley who had been there on a group bike run.  On a clear day the view is phenomenal.  There was a wedding about ready to begin this day and the wedding party and most of their guests had arrived via Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Hyner View has a similar bronze statue as Leonard Harrison, this one honoring the forest fire fighter (LHSP statue is a CCC worker.)

Leaving Hyner View we drove past the Tiadaghton State Forest office so stopped to take a photo here.  The word Tiadaghton means…  Our next destination was a small park that was inaccessible due to a bridge being out so we headed to the park where we had camping reservations, Little Pine State Park.  Little Pine is near the Pine Creek Rail Trail and Waterville.  My sister’s husband co-owns some property not far from Waterville so I had driven past Little Pine before.  This day we really hadn’t much more time than enough to set up camp, get a bite to eat a restaurant conveniently located just outside the park and build a fire before calling it a night.  The dog, who was brought along because it was thought he would enjoy the outing, really seemed to dislike the camping portion of the tour!

The next morning we left Little Pine and headed to the next park just above I80.  Ravensburg State Park is a small park with two nice picnic pavilions and rustic camping – meaning no electric sites, no showers.  From Ravensburg we were supposed to drive below I80 to our next park.  When the Rav4’s gas light came on in the middle of farm country with no gas station within 30 miles, we turned back to Jersey Shore by which time I had lost my patience with not having control over the decision-making that goes along with being the driver.  We skipped 4-5 parks that were on my list for this tour and instead headed directly to the Williamsport area where we visited Susquehanna State Park.  Located along the Susquehanna River, this park’s highlight is the Hiawatha paddle boat.

From here it was a rather straight shot home up Route 15, with nineteen state parks and four state forests checked off my list.


ImageImageImageImageImageImageThe Hiawatha - Susquehanna State Park Someone would rather be home... Forest Fire Fighter Status - Hyner View Forest district map - Hyner View The view from Hyner View Hyner View Forest Fire Fighter Statue Kettle Creek


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