Tour #6 – Four Parks, One Day

After my day in the forest in April 2013 I planned my next tour for Memorial Day weekend to coincide with “A Day In The Life Of A Park” event.  I have a four-day weekend for Memorial Day and this would be my first tour alone.

Before I reached that weekend, Matt had a weekend off and I convinced him to take a day tour with me to a few parks I had scoped out.  I programmed the GPS to “least use of freeways” and headed out toward Binghamton then south.  The drive to the first park seemed to be endless and after looking at the map to see the route we took, I understand why. We passed Elk Mountain Ski Resort and marveled at the slopes in the spring foliage.  Prompton State Park is a small day-use park at Prompton Lake whose dam is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers.  The weather was not so great this day and we saw no one enjoying the park.  From Prompton we drove further over hill and dale to visit Varden Conservation Area, one of the newer parks in the system even though its name does not contain the words “state park.”  From Varden we drove to Archbald Pothole State Park and somewhere along the way drove through an area with A LOT of wind mills on the surrounding hills.  Archbald Pothole, a day use only park, is stunning in May with the azaleas in full bloom and became another park on my “must see” list.

After visiting APSP we drove to through not enough forest land and too much highway and city for me to get to Lackawanna State Park.  We checked out the camp ground and the rest of the park and I was pleased to see a number of people in the park and once again jealous because I have to drive so far to get to a PA park!

After leaving Lackawanna I drove up Route 11 to show Matt the Nicholson Railroad Bridge.  I had visited this site once before on a trip home from the Philadelphia/NJ area many years ago.  On this trip I found there is a very nice park where you can safely park and get out to see the bridge better.  We were fortunate enough to see a train crossing the bridge while there.

Home after dinner in Vestal with thirty-three parks checked off the list to date.

Elk MtnPrompton 2013-05-18IMG_0318Varden 2013-05-18IMG_0320Archbald Pothole 2013-05-18    Archbald Pothole 1 Archbald Pothole 3  IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0328 Lackawanna 2013-05-18IMG_0350  Lackawanna Kayaker Tunkhannock Viaduct With Train IMG_0360


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