Where It Feels Like Home

As in each previous summer, Corinne and I camped a few nights at Worlds End State Park in August 2010.  When I first began tent camping alone with my daughter we tried out another park closer to home but never felt the comfort feeling we both get from WESP.  From 2002 until 2011, the two of us made at least one camping trip to WESP in one tent or another.  We have stayed in a number of sites and have discovered our favorite tent (and now camper) site in the park.  With each visit we make the drive to Canyon Vista and the Rock Gardens then farther out into the Loyalsock State Forest to High Knob Overlook.  With each year I am discovering more of the Loyalsock Forest and will continue to call WESP my “home park.”

Worlds End became my sixth park sign photo and the Loyalsock Forest sign photo was my fist state forest pic.

Worlds End 2010-08-31 Loyalsock State Forest 2010-08-30


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