A Day In Canyon Country

I don’t recall wanting to hang out with my own parents when I was 20 but my daughter has a great relationship with us and suggested we do something on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend 2013.  Matt & I, along with Corinne and her boyfriend Travis hoped to take a horse-drawn wagon tour down Pine Creek Gorge near Wellsboro.  My sister and her family had taken this tour a few years ago and had a good time. We learned when we got there that the wagon tour was called off (I suggest you make reservations!) so we decided to enjoy the parks instead.  We visited Leonard Harrison SP first and Matt was impressed as I was with the upgrades since we visited in the late 1980’s.  We hiked a short trail to an overlook before visiting the Grand Canyon Lookout Tower which was moved from Valley Forge years ago.  Note the three people in the tower and me on the ground below.  Are you seeing a trend here?

We had driven by a trail head for the Pine Creek Rail Trail on our way up to Leonard Harrison so we parked here at Darling Run and walked along the trail for a mile or more.  I really enjoyed the trail although we did not get into the gorge before turning back to the car.  Matt liked the trail so well he returned the following weekend and rode his bicycle 22 miles.  I find it difficult to visit the Pine Creek Gorge without visiting both parks and against Corinne’s protests, I drove to the other side of the canyon to Colton Point SP.  Travis had never been to either park so he was happy with everywhere we took him.  Upon leaving the gorge area I drove along Marsh Creek Road which parallels the Pine Creek Rail Trail from Wellsboro Junction and remembered another place I wanted to check out in the Tioga Forest but kept it to myself for another day trip in the future.


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