Hike to Sand Run Falls

My friend Diane has wanted to go for a hike since she bought herself a nice walking stick last fall and in July 2013 we agreed to hike a 7.5 mile loop as described in a book I own. We left early in the morning and drove through a lot of low clouds and rain before getting to the trailhead for Sand Run Falls Trail in the Tioga State Forest near Arnot.  The trail took us to Sand Run Falls over rocky terrain with exposed roots and wet areas.   Our shoes and socks were soaked by the time we got to the falls due to the morning rain.  Sand Run Falls is on the Mid-State trail and is a beautiful waterfall with really nice, camp sites for hikers.   It is well worth the three mile hike to reach this spot.  After leaving the falls we back tracked a little to join a cross country ski trail the rest of the way. This part of the trail was covered with knee-high grasses and not well-described in the book but the blue blazes were obvious so we trudged on along a deer fence forever and felt we had accomplished something BIG when we finally reached my VW.  If I ever return I will stick to walking to the falls and back and avoid the blue-blazed ski trail (unless I am on my skis.)


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